Dedicated Roster Teams RL/SL Raid Days/Times
Brigade 1 - [Link] Boneripper / Xarria M/Tu 7p-9:30p, Th 6:30p-9p
Brigade 3 - [Link] Valesai / Yodo Su/M/W, 10p-12:30a
Brigade 4 - [Link] Bloodrain / Johanna Th/F, 10p-12:30a
Brigade 5 - [Link] Saphiras / Steel Su, 3p-5:30p 
Brigade 6 - [Link] OPEN PICK UP
Brigade 7 - [Link] Jennah /  Tu/W, 7p-9:30p
Brigade 8 - [Link] Yukinoh / Celrath Su/M/W, 7p-10p
Brigade 9 - [Link] Malbred /  Tu/Sa, 8:30p-11p
Brigade 12 - [Link] Saidrin / Clicktap Thu/Su, 1:30a-3:30a

* All Times listed are CST.


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